W dniach od 10 do 13 maja odbywać się będzie on-line Kongres (Spring Congress) organizowany przez Europejską Federację Biotechnologii. W ramach Kongresu odbędą się 4 panele tematyczne, w tym panel Biotechnology for Resource Recovery organizowany przez Sekcję Biotechnologii Środowiskowej EFB.

EFB Spring Congress abstract

The EFB Spring Congress will include on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of May a 2-day on-line symposium entitled From CO2 to Materials with the Power of Microbes. This will be preceded on Tuesday 10th May by a one-day symposium on Biotechnology for Resource Recovery. The Congress will end on Friday 13th May with a workshop on Production of Biopharmaceuticals in Plants. Tuesday 10th May, there will be a lunch-time workshop sponsored by the EFB Bioeconomy Journal entitled The Plastic Bioeconomy. Low registration fees will provide access to all four events