The EPSO Briefing on EC Horizon 2020 Work Programmes 2016/17 has been published (19.10.2015) on the members’ only website*, replacing the briefing of September 2015. It contains all information for plant scientists in one document saving you 100 clicks and providing additional researched information e.g. success rates WP 2014 calls. NEW: We added ‘Hints from EPSO members and EC experts’ for preparing successful proposals to ERC, Marie-Curie and Societal Challenges. To assist you in describing the potential economic and societal impact in your proposal, EPSO is starting a ‘Fact and EU Policy Document Collection’ and welcome your contributions to add to this (hints for other members, fact and policy documents). All call text etc. is updated according to the OFFICIAL WP of the EC.

*Access to the members’ only website is restricted to Personal Members – free for people in our institutional members, for anybody outside a fee applies. Please contact EPSO to enrol as Personal Member or if you lost your access details.



EPSO public summary:

The European Commission (EC) published the official version of the Work Programme 2016 on 14.10.2015, replacing the pre-published version from September.  The 2017 calls remain indicative. The individual Work Programmes are available at the following links:  

  1. o    ERCpublished 29.7.2015
    1. o    ERC Starting Grants Call: Funds research of individual researchers 2 to 7 years after the PhD. Deadline 17/11/15.
    2. o    2016 deadlines: ERC Consolidator Grant: 02/02/16; Advanced Grant 01/09/16; Proof of Concept Grant 16/02/2016 & 26/05/2016 & 04/10/2016
  2. o    Marie Curie Funds for training and mobility. Deadlines: ITN 12/01/16; Individual Fellowships 14/09/16; Staff Exchange 28/04/16; Co-funding 29/09/16
  3. o    Infrastructures Deadline: Call for Advanced Communities 30/03/2016; Starting Communities Stage 1 30/03/16
  4. o    LEITs Biotechnology Funds development of enabling and industrial technologies for industrial leadership. Deadline: Call on NPBTs, Stage 1 27/10/16, Stage 2 04/05/17
  5. o    Societal Challenges (SCs): Funds collaborative research and innovation projects, coordination actions and ERA-Nets.
      1. o    SC1 (Health) Health, demographic change and well-being. Deadlines: Personalised Medicine 19/01/16, 16/02/16, 11/04/16, 04/10/16
      2. o    SC2 (Bioeconomy) Food, agriculture, forestry, water, bioeconomy. Deadlines: Stage 1 17/02/16, Stage 2 (if applicable) 13/09/16; exceptions for selected topics
      3. o    SC3 (Energy) Deadlines: Energy Efficiency 21/01/16, 15/09/16 depending on topic; Competitive Low Carbon Energy 16/02/16, 05/04/16, 08/09/16 depending on topic
      4. o    SC5 (Climate) Climate action, environment, resource efficiency, raw materials. Deadlines: Stage 1 08/04/16, Stage 2 (if applicable) 06/09/16; exceptions for selected topics
  6. o    EPSO offers to get involved as small partner on stakeholder involvement, networking and dissemination


Disclaimer: For legal issues, pls refer to the official EC call text – the EPSO Briefing will assist you in writing your proposal.